Vehicle Affected: All Units
Date: 02/10/10
ECN# 386

Description of change: This ECN replaces ECN #373
Replace one red/white  11” wide reflective  tape with 2”alternating diagonal stripes, 24 inches long on the inside of curbside entry door and both rear entry doors with 10” wide, 24 inch long reflective  tape with 2” alternating diagonal stripes. The curb side entry door and the curb side rear entry door will use left diagonal stripe and the street side rear entry door will use right diagonal stripe. This stripe material will be 20” wide and cut in half. The stainless steel kick plate will only be installed as an option.
Reason for change: Required for KKK “F” standard of 60 square inches of diagonal reflective striping on all entry doors.

Implementation date: Final Approval Date

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