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Fox 8 Cleveland has reported on how Cleveland Clinic is using their Stroke Mobile
to treat patients on the spot.

Seconds count when someone is having a stroke and Clevelanders now have an additional tool to help diagnose and treat a stroke even faster.

Cleveland Clinic Hospitals has one of the first ‘stroke mobiles’ in the country. Think of it as an emergency room on wheels with a CT scanner and staff that can administer¬†TPA on the spot if a stroke is confirmed.

Fox 8’s Stefani Schaefer spoke with Dr. Marc Gillinov about the warning signs of a stroke and Dr. Shazam Hussain about what the stroke mobile can do and how its’ fast treatment can literally save a life.

Click here to learn about the Cleveland Clinic Stroke Mobile. To learn more about cardiac thoracic surgeon Dr. Marc Gillinov click here.

SOURCE: FOX 8 Cleveland

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