Excellance, Inc. attended the 2016 Move Over Campaign on June 12th to raise awareness of the Move Over law. At the event we ran into Monrovia Fire-Rescue’s Kirsten Thurgood and asked her a few questions about her career and the campaign. Read on.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Monrovia Fire-Rescue?

KIRSTEN THURGOOD: My name is Kirsten Thurgood, and I have been a part of the department for seven months now. My role at Monrovia Fire- Rescue is that of a support member. Support members assist with entering reports into the database, servicing & cleaning the equipment and station, seeking donations, writing news stories, giving fire station tours, teaching fire safety, providing refreshments at a scene, and anything else that may be needed.

How did you come to work at Monrovia-Fire Rescue and what do you like most about your job?

KIRSTEN THURGOOD: I decided that I wanted to help the community, and with my parents moving I had more time on my hands, so I applied last October. My favorite part of my job is giving fire station tours and seeing the kids eyes light up when they see the fire engines and the fire fighters with all of their gear on. It’s so important to teach kids that first responders and police officers/sheriffs are their friends and that we are there to help them. 

How did you get involved with the Move Over Campaign on June 12th and why do you think it is important to create awareness of the Move Over law?

KIRSTEN THURGOOD: I was involved in the Move Over Campaign because Monrovia Fire-Rescue was invited to the event on June 12th.  It is very important to create awareness of the Move Over law because there are so many times we are on the road helping with accidents or fires and our lives are at risk. It is important for people to know to slow down and, if possible, move over.

Do you have any advice for people looking to get into your line of work?

KIRSTEN THURGOOD: I would tell anyone who has time to help out at your local volunteer fire department. It has been great becoming part of a gigantic family. There is always help needed whether it be passing out information, collecting donations, or making sure folks stay hydrated while on scene. We are very lucky to have the supportive community that we do.

To learn more about the Move Over law, visit the official Move Over America website.

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