TV News Channel Fox32 in Chicago has announced that Rush University Medical Center will go live this March with their new MSTU.

Rush University Medical Center contracted Excellance, Inc. to build their upcoming Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit.

Rush University Medical Center mobile stroke units will be one of the first of their kind in the Chicago area. The ambulances will carry CT scanners, video-conferencing equipment and clot-dissolving medication that can restore blood flow. Doctors say the mobile units are valuable because they allow treatment to begin sooner, making a huge difference in patients’ recoveries.

“Time really is of the essence,” said Dr. James Conners, section head of cerebrovascular disease at Rush University Medical Center. “For every minute that goes by of a blockage in the brain, you lose about 2 million brain cells.”

To read more about the launch of the Rush Mobile Stroke Unit, visit the official Fox32 Chicago website.



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