Barrow Mobile Stroke Interior
CBS News has posted a video featured the Barrow Mobile Stroke Unit manufactured by Excellance, Inc.

The risk of having a stroke increases as we age and when one does happen, time is of the essence.
“There have been studies to suggest as many as 2 million neurons die per minute in the setting of an acute stroke,” explained Dr. Michael Waters, director of the stroke program at Barrow Neurological Institute. “So it is a time critical disease and faster is always better.”

That’s why Barrow Neurological Institute launched this mobile stroke unit last summer. It’s designed specifically to treat stroke patients and can make a big difference when seconds matter.

“We’re significantly shortening the amount of time between symptom onset, calling 911, and treating that stroke by taking the emergency room to the patient,” he said. “Sometimes we talk about ‘the golden hour of stroke care’ and that is if someone can present to the hospital within an hour of the stroke onset, the outcomes are invariably better.”

Source: CBS

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