Bossier City CNG 2480
Excellance, Inc., manufacturer of high quality custom ambulances and emergency vehicles, is proud to announce it will be continuing Bossier City, Louisiana’s mission of replacing one diesel ambulance a year with a custom ambulance that runs entirely on compressed natural gas.

Since 1975, Excellance has been manufacturing quality vehicles custom built to the specific needs of the customers it works with. For years, the company has been the only one to design and build custom ambulances that run solely on compressed natural gas (CNG). In 2014, the world’s first Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier-approved CNG ambulance was created for Excellance for Bossier City’s fire department.

Bossier City has strived to replace their fleet with one new CNG unit a year. CNG units are more environmentally friendly by burning cleaner. They also offer significantly lower fuel costs when compared to traditional gas and diesel engines. The move has saved Bossier City at least $7,000 annually in fuel costs for every CNG vehicle used. Fire Department officials have noted that Excellance’s custom CNG-fueled vehicles can get up to seven miles to the gallon, compared to 3 ½ miles on standard diesel trucks.

Excellance notes that for other cities and areas rich in compressed natural gas or CNG fueling stations like Bossier City, it may be possible to custom manufacture similar units soon. 2017’s CNG unit being delivered to Bossier City will be receiving a custom black paint job. For pictures and more information, visit Excellance Inc. on Facebook.

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