CT Passenger SideThe Advertiser spoke with retired cardiologist John Sangster about the warning signs of stroke.

Dr. John Sangster realized something was wrong as he left Adelaide Oval last year after barracking Sturt to the SANFL flag.

The retired cardiologist, 75, who played a few games for Sturt in his younger years, told his wife Verity something was amiss and he better get to hospital.

Mrs Sangster drove him to Wakefield Hospital where staff who had been alerted were waiting. He was having a brain bleed, a deadly form of stroke where seconds count.

He was put into a coma for a month then spent several more months in hospital, paralysed down his left side. His life was on the brink.

“I remember arriving at hospital but the rest is a blank,” he recalls. “When I came out of the coma, I thought I was at our Robe beach house.

“But I was paralysed down one side and my left vision was gone. I had no balance and had to learn to walk again.”

Months of rehabilitation followed. However, the quick action in getting to an intensive care hospital means not only did Dr Sangster live, he has regained most of his mobility.

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